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HyperThink has vast experience in designing, developing, installing and maintaining a wide variety of applications for world-class companies in the manufacturing sector. We understand the strategic issues faced by this vertical. HyperThink has the capability, expertise and technical competence to successfully execute large and complex projects.



Microsoft Dynamics solutions for manufacturers

Integrate communication and collaboration

  • Synchronize communication between engineering, manufacturing, and subcontractors. For example, if engineering makes design changes, operations can know the details immediately.
  • Product data management and integration between computer-aided design (CAD) and Microsoft Dynamics solutions have helped customers improve product design.
  • Business portals let you share information within your systems through the Web to the right people at the right time to keep your business moving forward and your customers happy.

Deliver outstanding customer service

  • With Microsoft Dynamics solutions, you can track a project from design through "as-built" configuration. The bottom line: Your service personnel will be able to deliver the right parts—a critical first step towards effective preventive maintenance.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you access to deep customer knowledge based on past experiences, helping you identify and meet or exceed your service-level agreements (SLAs) and contract requirements.

Provide accurate estimating and quoting

  • Microsoft Dynamics solutions can help you plan for standard components, thereby reducing lead time. In many cases the subsequent discovery of omissions or mistakes poses the biggest challenge; Microsoft CRM can help you record customer requirements accurately and reuse the information in future quotes.

Efficiently manage projects

  • With Microsoft Dynamics solutions, you can set budgets, manage billing, review current costs, and track activities and resources related to a project at many levels of detail. You can also leverage knowledge and content from existing or prior projects to improve your processes and avoid mistakes.


In manufacturing, it’s important to meet your customer commitments using just-in-time delivery and the most efficient routes, while maintaining maximum facility and worker productivity and keeping material costs low.
User benefits-:

  • Route and schedule assets for maximum efficiency
  • Gain instant access into fleet and driver activity
  • Manage employee schedules by better anticipating maintenance issues
  • Reduce mileage and fuel expense
  • Do more stops with the same or fewer resources
  • Manage travel times for maximum efficiencies
  • Increase worker productivity with better routing
  • Eliminate unauthorized routes or stops
  • Reduce speeding episodes, increasing safety and gas mileage
  • Increase customer satisfaction through visibility
  • Resolve customer disputes with documentation
  • Increase your insurance safety rating and reduce expensive premiums