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Workshop : Hyperhings- IBM Joint workshop on IBM Watson's cognitive Insights from IoT data

November 2016

Hyperthings successfully participated in the developers meet alongside Intel and IBM. We fabulously worked in tandem with IBM and Intel to showcase our expertise as Systems integrators in the IoT Space. Using Intel’s (Dell) gateway & IBM Bluemix platform, Hyperthings showcased a live Air Quality Monitoring solution and Energy Management Solution setup to the attendees and explained the development and integration steps to the developer community. We displayed our hands on expertise on Middleware and Integration. The weather station board helped gauge the parameters such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rain gauge.

Hyperthings solution is developing similar solutions with Intel Gateway and on IBM Bluemix Platform. We are among the few companies that excel at all Connected Product/solution components, with expertise on Embedded Devices, Firmware, Cloud and Mobility under single roof.

Industrial Internet of Things “ IoT ” Congress, Ritz Carlton, Bangalore.

September 2016

The event flocked industry experts in the areas of control, communications, industrial robot, industrial cloud, smart sensors and actuators, informatics, mobile computing, and security. The event addressed the opportunity for IoT in an industrial setting.

Hyperthings showcased their expertise in the IoT world by displaying their competency across smart solutions. We have industrial IoT solutions for heavy industries such as Manufacturing, Logistics, Mining & Agriculture. We presented our role play in Industrial 4.0 revolution and how it can be transformed into reality with the digitalization and interconnection of products/machines.OurM2M integration competencies perceived special attention from every delegate at our booth.

Hyperthings Industrial IoT solutions offer:

  • Business Operations with Secured Governance
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Industrial Analytics
  • Sensor Driven Applications & Operations

Our wide range of solutions vary from Energy Management Systems, Solar Remote Monitoring, Telecom Tower monitoring to healthcare help position us as a pioneer in the IoT community. We have solutions that help automate key processes in the value chain. Our solutions combine the ubiquitous connection of people, things and machines. The Seamless link between virtual world and the physical objects are our core strengths enabling smart Solutions for the better future.

HyperThings Exemplary Display @ IoTx - Dubai World Trade Centre.

March 2016

Mar 2016: (Intro) HyperThings had a classic display @ IoTx 2016, Dubai. Hyperthings showcased its products and solutions and launched its Healthcare remote monitoring solution at the event.

Our Solutions in the Healthcare, Energy, Product Engineering & Industrial IoT domain were the hot topic of discussion among the delegates present at the show, impressing one and all.

HyperThings announced the launch of it’s IoT enabled Healthcare and Remote monitoring Solution. With the combination of cutting edge cloud technology, our live demos exemplified how devices seamlessly interacted with each other to gather, store, and process data. HyperThings provides healthcare solutions for hospitals, health care providers and consumers to enhance the healthcare experience and make it more effective and affordable. Our solutions include telemedicine, inpatient and home care solutions and patient data and alert management solutions.

The presentation by our CEO “Monetizing the Internet of things at the Marketplace event emphasized our consulting and design capabilities in helping clients monetize IoT by adopting a service oriented framework. The speech threw light on how connected devices compounding YOY is expected to 3-fold in a decade drawing attention on the 4 distinct emerging monetization models. (Hardware premium, service revenue, data revenue and ecosystem building). Our CEO threw open the real picture of how proportions of revenue from hardware devices was declining, whereas revenues from services was rising. The speech summarized the pricing model ranging from one time charges to subscription based and pay as you go.

HyperThings- IoT exemplary display @ IEW event Bangalore, India.

January 2016

Jan, 2016: HyperThings successfully participated @ Indian Electronics Week (IEW) in Bangalore, India. HyperThings adopts platform/ device agnostic approach building end to end solutions for IOT with Innovation to the core. HyperThings offers: IoT Consulting, IoT Products and Modules, IoT Industry Solutions, Cloud & Analytical Solutions and Product Engineering. HyperThings created a lot of interest from visitors through live demos conceptualizing the complete IoT Solutions for Smart Home, Smart Health, Smart Agriculture, Smart City and Smart Energy.


Winning of Clients - Al Ghosaibi: HR and Payroll Solution for Microsoft Dynamics Axapta
HyperThink Systems proudly announces new order from A.H.Al Ghosaibi & Bros. for HR and Payroll Solutions. All key processes in the HRM and Payroll are customized according to localized requirement.
The successful implementation of the project will enable Al Ghosaibi to streamline the business workflows within the HR and Payroll module; managing the time & attendance of their employees, employee payroll, hiring resources, exit process & compensation.

USA new branch opening

HyperThink Systems (HTS) established market leaders in the IT consulting in Middle East, Asia Pacific and India proudly announces opening of its new office in the United States of America based out of Seattle, WA.
With a vision to establish ourselves as global leaders in the IT field, this strategic move will enable HyperThink Systems to cater to one of the largest IT hubs in the world. HTS is excited to replicate its success stories in the North American region offering expertise consulting for ERP – Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, and Oracle. Enterprise Content Management Systems- Sharepoint, Documentum & IBM FileNet, Mobile Application Development and Staff Augmentation.

Internet of Things: launch of HyperThings creating ripples in ‘IoT’
In view of our ongoing global and technological expansion, HyperThink Systems proudly announces the launch of its new subsidiary HyperThings. After commendable success in ERP implementation, mobile apps and consultancy services, we now wish to expand with a vision to cater to future technological advancements. This strategic move enables HyperThink Systems to establish itself as a major force in the IT world, through the next big thing in innovation called INTERNET OF THINGS (IOT). HyperThings-A subsidiary created specifically to work on IOT, HyperThings aims at creating Smart City, Smart Health, Smart Agriculture and Smart Energy.


Contact Center Solutions: HyperThink Systems Partners with Ameyo
HyperThink Systems partners with Ameyo - market leader in Contact Center Technology. Ameyo Merge helps businesses build a strong relationship with their customers through innovative contact center solutions. This strategic partnership with Ameyo will help our clients in building a robust contact center solution across industries and regions.

HyperThink Announces the opening of its new Office in Sharjah, UAE

August 2014

HyperThink Systems announces opening of its news Office in Sharjah, UAE.

To support the region's strategic growth and meet increasing market demand of IT industry and Customer Care industries, HyperThink Systems, a leading provider of cutting edge technology solutions, is proud to announce the opening of its new office in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. The strategic location of the new office is based on HyperThink’s vision to expand its presence in the Gulf region and Asia Pacific.

Opening of our Sharjah office marks an important step in our growth and our ongoing expansion as a company. This office fulfills one of our key strategic initiatives for the company in providing advanced, personalized and reliable solutions.
It is worth mentioning that HyperThink Systems, headquartered in Doha, Qatar with local offices in Saudi Arabia, Kenya, India, Singapore & US and latest addition of the UAE office, has succeeded in penetrating many international markets.

HyperThink has bagged large IT outsourcing project in Kenya

May 2014

HyperThink Systems is awarded with the Consultancy project from the Government of Kenya for doing ICT Infrastructure assessment for 14 counties in Kenya.

HyperThink Systems is awarded with the project for Implementation of Sharepoint 2013 at Mobily, KSA

January 2014

HyperThink has bagged the project for the implementation of Sharepoint 2013 Document Management System at Mobily.

ERP Upgrade & Primavera Implementation – KAHRAMAA, Qatar

November 2013

Doha, Qatar, November 20, 2013: HyperThink Systems has won new order worth about $3 Million USD from General Electricity & Water Board Authority (KAHRAMAA) for JD Edwards ERP Upgrade and Primavera Implementation.

A prestigious order has been bagged from KAHRAMAA from Doha, Qatar for JD Edwards ERP Upgrade and Primavera Implementation.

The JD Edwards 9.1 implementation initiative has been undertaken by HyperThink Systems to enable KAHRAMAA to successfully embrace change from the current state to the improved future state. In addition, this project will streamline, simplify, standardize and improve its business processes in line with appropriate international best practices in terms of operating business processes.

The existing JDE 8.0 release was implemented at KAHRAMAA in 2003. Due to the significant gap between JDE 8.0 and JDE 9.1, and to leverage the new functionalities in JDE 9.1, this initiative is envisioned to be a fresh re-implementation of JD Edwards instead of an upgrade.

The implementation will allow KAHRAMAA to exploit the significant new functionalities available in JD Edwards 9.1 while ensuring that the Organization will not be required to rely on an unsupported version of its ERP in 2013.

The successful implementation of EnterpriseOne will improve the overall functional performance and technical standards while positioning KAHRAMAA to leverage additional capabilities in the future. In addition, implementation of Primavera would enable KAHRAMAA to better manage its projects in terms of planning, cost management, change management and document management.

HyperThink Systems has signed a project with Qatar Islamic Insurance Company

February 2013

HyperThink Systems is awarded with the project for the Implementation of Document Management System and Workflow Solution for Qatar Islamic Insurance Company.
In a highly paced landscape of the insurance sector it is crucial to have in place effective and measurable business operations to be competitive. An automated process system helps gain competitive advantage by streamlining and optimizing processes and resource usage across the organization. It is imperative to have a strong technology based solution to enable the automation of operations that provide key benefits. HyperThink’s proposed & implemented solution fully meets the Business & Technical requirements of QIIC.

HyperThink Systems Launches Loyalty & Smart Poster Solution

January 2013

HyperThink System Launches Loyalty & Smart Poster Solution.
In today's competitive market keeping customer satisfied and loyal is very essential for every successful retail business. HyperThink cloud based rewards program allows identifying, winning and retaining your customers. HyperThink Rewards is a unique contactless solution based on mobile and cloud computing technologies, for hassle free consumer interaction at the point of sale. HyperThink's platform can provide custom based loyalty program and integration with the existing programs keeping all programs in the wallet. Our cloud based loyalty program offers innovative and interactive marketing services to retailers as well.

Mobile phones are taking on an active role in the daily lives of every consumer in today's world. Consumers are using mobile phones as a wallet to access entertainment, pay bills, reserve tickets, send money or redeem vouchers. HyperThink Rewards provides customers a convenient mobile application to access all their loyalty and rewards programs at their finger tips.

HyperThink Smart Poster solution helps brands and content owners to reach consumers with more relevant and interactive information by inviting them to Tap their phones on an NFC tag embedded in Poster or Scan the QR Code printed on the Poster. This distribution of content to mobile phones enables new communication channels with mobile phone users that go beyond any traditional or digital media which will in turn helps the retailers in improving customer acquisition, consumption with and reinforcing the brand awareness building a good relationship with its customers and will ultimately drive sales leads.

HyperThink Systems has bagged IT Outsourcing Project from ASHGAL

July 2012

HyperThink Systems has been awarded the $5 Million USD project for IT Outsourcing Project from Public Works Authority of Qatar (ASHGAL).
ASHGAL was established in 2004 to be responsible for the planning, design, procurement, construction, delivery and asset management of all infrastructure projects and public buildings in Qatar. Adhering to the Qatar National Vision 2030, the Authority contributes to the economic and social development of the State of Qatar.

HyperThink Systems Participates in QITCOM 2012

March 2012

HyperThink Systems has participated in QITCOM 2012 which was held in Qatar from March 5 – 7, 2012 at the National Convention Center in Doha, Qatar. Further, the company has showcased its Enterprise Application & other associated solutions which can be implemented across verticals at the event.


HyperThink Systems is awarded the Project for JD Edwards CNC Professional Services from KAHRAMAA

January 2012

HyperThink Systems has bagged the project for JDE Edwards CNC Professional Services from General Electricity & Water Authority (KAHRAMAA), Doha, Qatar worth over $1 Million USD.
Kahramaa (Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation) was established in July 2000 to regulate and maintain supply of Electricity & Water to customers. Since inception, Kahramaa has operated as an independent corporation on a commercial basis with a total capital of eight billion Qatari riyals. KAHRAMAA has the privilege of being the sole transmission and distribution system owner and operator (TDSOO) for the electricity and water sector in Qatar.

HyperThink New Job Portals:

12th Feb 2009

HyperThink, launched it's two new Job portals for Middle East and African Region (MENA); and These two Job sites will help the Job seekers around the globe for finding Jobs in Gulf Region.

The basically deals with Jobs available in Gulf and other countries. However, focuses on the Jobs in Qatar only.

HyperThink Developing Website for Qatar Cricket Association:

02nd Sept 2009

HyperThink is developing a new website with updated technology PHP 4.0 and flash for Qatar Cricket Association (QCA), Qatar. The website will open for public in another couple of months. Website will be providing information about Qatar, General cricket information, current cricket match information, up coming matches, current match score board, match summary; content of the website will managed by Qatar Cricket Association.

HyperThink Launches CRM:

25th Sept 2009

HyperThink, has launched a new version of their Customer Relation Management (CRM) application, SalesPro 2.2, designed and customized exclusively for Indian Small and Medium enterprises. Sales Pro 2.2 system is very useful for scheduling, planning day-to-day activities, tasking of users and serves as information resource for quick reference for a user. It keeps track of all activities, campaigns, services offered, services obliged and stores all the details. Stores details pertaining to Customers right from first activity to the sell product process and the service offered. It has a billing and inventory module to keep track of products.

It enables user to have the related statistics that show his credentials, performance comparisons with other users and all related reports.

Marketing personnel will enjoy the benefits of a continually improving information base that will provide accurate data to support slicing and dicing of the customer base to identify segment dynamics and market opportunities.

Using that data and Sales pro 2.2's direct marketing campaign facilities, your marketing people will be able to provide information about your organization and your products and services to the right people - significantly reducing the number of irritated recipients of wasted direct marketing.

Sales Pro 2.2 provides your sales people with access to information they need to answer customer questions and fulfill requests, automates tedious and time consuming activities and generally reduces the lead time in converting prospects to clients.

Seminar on Ruminate Real Estate Trends:

22nd July 2007

HyperThink organized a seminar on "Real Estate Trend".

Statement given by Vice President Sales:

“The Vice President Sales of HyperThink’s said that "Both organizations and individuals need to learn about the various issues involved in the Real Estate Sector.”

Representatives of prominent real estate companies including Barwa, Dar Investment, Century 21, Real Estate Services group Fin corp and Tadmur Real Estate attended the seminar. Dubai’s World House Management’s Managing Director Dr Sami Dafar was the main speaker. He spoke the need for effective property management for both investors and the sector as well as the role of property managers in enhancing the value of their properties.

He identified the best practices in evaluating and identifying properties as well as financing them.

With a rich experience in the field in Middle East, Dr Dafar provided valuable insights into the current state of real estate sector in Qatar and compared the market with USA and European markets. Satnav Technologies director Selva Somasundaram spoke on software " a-Mantra:" for property management.

This seminar was conducted by Singapore Vazirio Consulting in partnership with Doha based HyperThink Systems', a designer and developer of technology solutions firm.

“HyperThink aims to bring best training and software products for real estate industry in Qatar.”

Seminar on Effective Management of Risk and Rewards :

10th June 2007

HyperThink organized a Seminar on "Effective Management of Risk and Rewards in Corporate and SME Banking".

Anil Kumar from Zenomic management consultant’s conducted the seminar, in order to evaluate small and medium size enterprises. He said that “What the banking sector needs to do is put processes and risk management systems, because still a lot of lending goes by name of the promoters and management behind the SME. He said that there is an opportunity which banks should tap and they should put together systems, processes and credit rating systems internally.

Risk assessment of SMEs in a very structured manner would help banks transact more easily with them, Kumar said.

Kumar noted that in Indian market itself the boon in SME sector occurred over the last two years with the growth of main stream industries. Once banks had seen that the mainstream industries are doing well they found opportunities to lend to their small scale units, but the same time they started putting processes in terms of assessing risks of these SMEs across the country.

HyperThink Systems takes initiative in “Go Green Launch”

HyperThink aims at bringing the best training and software products that has contributed towards safeguarding the environment. HyperThink carried out various steps for the prevention of environmental problems. They say that environment is the most essential component and we should care for it.

HyperThink plays an important role in safeguarding the environment. HyperThink plays an important role in safeguarding the environment.