HyperThink Systems has strong business relationship with ZESSTA Software Pvt Ltd. We both work extensively in building highly scalable, mission critical products and enterprise applications

We have a team of professionals with strong expertise in NFC Technologies, Mobile Banking and other Mobile Eco Systems.


We built a highly scalable Tappayoka platform supporting the below features.

  • Loyalty/Reward point management and Coupons
  • Prepaid Payments
  • Smart Poster Solution
  • POS System with Smart Card and NFC capability
  • Secure Platform –meeting the industry trust and privacy standards


This Loyalty Tappayoka platform has the following benefits.

  • Enhanced customer Loyalty and Profitability
  • Rules Engine to offer incentives and rewards which suit to customer
  • Providecustomer insightandloyaltyprogramperformance
  • Provideflexibletierassessmentmodels and membershipschemes
  • Providepersonalizecustomerexperienceacross channels
  • Provideflexiblecollaboration at everyphase
  • Providemembersself-serviceloyaltyportalsatlowcost
  • Providecompetitiveadvantageand greatermarketshare