Real Estate

Our Real Estate Solutions team has a broad range of experience and a successful track record in commercial real estate finance, investment and workout activities. Our solutions provide fully-integrated investment management, property management and accounting functionality that enable managers, owners and investors to manage assets with superior efficiency and ease. Whatever your size, diversity of activities or number of users, our solutions will make your life easier, your office work better, reduce costs and increase profit.

Our Real Estate Solution

Our Real estate solutions help companies to integrate all data and processes of an organization into a single unified system that has different modules as enumerated below which broadly covers all key functional areas:

  • Architecture - helps in plan layout and structural design of a project
  • Sales - relates to all aspects of customer sales
  • Engineering - covers logistics, stores management and operational task aspects of ongoing projects with associated MIS reports
  • Accounts - operational costs, overheads, recoveries, cash/bank payment transactions, budget allocations for ongoing and new projects, etc.
  • Purchase & Stores - all procurements linked to the project, store management with inventory
  • Payroll - automatic compilation of staff salary, TDS, requisite labor compliance details and records
  • Maintenance - complaint completion status, templates for tax and other receipt heads, auditor remarks, etc.

Real Estate Solutions on Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The supporting functionality includes the following:

  • Contact and Account Management
  • Outlook integration
  • Pipeline management
  • Sales process management
  • Direct e-mail
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Excel Integration
  • Robust Reporting Engine
  • Searchable knowledge base
  • E-mail management

Real Estate ERP Solution

  • Helps in plan layout and structural design of a project
  • Budget control for each process in the project
  • Tender management and bid analysis
  • Project scheduling in stages, with costs and allocation of resources
  • Remote project monitoring with generation of various timely reports form multiple work sites and head office
  • Total system control and data security
  • Reports generated within all modules are viewable on screen as well as exportable to MS Word or Acrobat PDF Files

CAD and CAM Design Solutions

  • By using CAD, we prepare the necessary drawings, written specifications and other documents needed by the contractor to price and build the project.
  • We offer Architectural Building Information Modeling services creating parametric, sophisticated, intelligent models that expand communication to all members of the project.
  • We offer development of Residential buildings through CAD that ensures accuracy in design with complete detailing.
  • We can help you plan and design any commercial building project.
  • We can convert any original CAD document (PDF, tiff, jpeg, giff, bmp, png) to a perfectly accurate multi-layer electronic CAD drawing.
  • We are specialized in developing Interior elevations that defines the taste for refinement for our clients.