Trading & Contracting

Our expertise in the design and development of equipment and related accessories for upstream, midstream & downstream applications helps our customers to overcome capacity constraints, improve quality of supply, enhance productivity, increase product revenue generation life, reduce cost of product development and enhance sustenance engineering.

Our Trading and Contracting Services


  • All engineering studies in the field of energy, hydrocarbons and oil-chemistry; can be done with sub-contractors specialized in this field
  • Basic and detail Engineering; can be done with sub-contractors specialized in this field
  • Preparation an updating of the AS BUILT plans
  • Elaboration of procedures and specifications of assembling, welding, control tests.

Mechanical Activities

  • Pipeline Construction Stringing/Alignment, Bending, Welding, Coating, Lowering, Hydrostatic Test, Tie-In & Pre-commissioning
  • Piping Station Prefabrication, Erection, Hot works & Pre-commissioning
  • Tank Construction Prefabrication & Erection
  • Steel Structure & Pipe Supports, Prefabrication, Erection
  • Mechanical Erection, Alignment, Calibration of Equipments Compressor, Turbine, Boiler, Skids, Pumps Vessels) Sand Blasting, Coating, and Painting.

Civil Activities

  • Pipeline / Surveying, Trench Padding and Backfilling, ROW & Special Crossing
  • Surveying, Leveling, Earthwork & Site Preparation
  • Buildings & VRD
  • Roads and Track Service
  • Foundations & Anchor Block


  • Non Destructive Tests;
  • Pipelines and Tank Inspection.
  • Quality Control
  • Laser Alignment & Pre-commissioning.
  • Hydrostatic Test;
  • Loop Test electrical systems and Loop Function Check
  • Calibration instruments Gages & Equipment;
  • Post Heat Treatment on site.