Mobile Platform Services

HyperThink is a Kony services partner. Kony Solutions is a platform vendor that is able to create native applications for a wide range of smartphone and tablet platforms, including Android, iPhone, Palm, RIM and Symbian. Applications can also be generated in more platform neutral forms, such as Java ME, JavaScript and HTML5. Furthermore, unlike many competing multiplatform tools, Kony can create mobile Web applications, and has integrated with aggregators and carriers to send SMS messages. Kony offers one-stop mobile development sourcing, providing AD, a software platform and deployment assistance. Licensing from Kony is based on a target by target price for each generated application.

Enterprises with heavy requirements for applications that span mobile Web, multiple OSs and form factors (tablet, desktop, and smartphone), but lack resources for in-house development. Kony's development environment enables applications to be built for all the popular smartphone and feature phone OSs, as well as for the browsers those platforms support. This gives Kony one of the widest addressable audiences for its applications among vendors profiled in this research. Kony takes an aggressive stance toward cross-platform support through either a virtual machine or native, human-readable code generation. Kony provides a superset of APIs across all major device OS vendors, as well as unique APIs for services or functions not supported across all platforms. In addition, customers can use native or third-party libraries, as well as Kony's APIs. Kony's focus on a few specific vertical industries (e.g., banking and travel) has won it a loyal base of users in those verticals and a deep understanding of the requirements for customer-facing applications for those enterprises.