Insurex - Intake workhub


HyperThink Systems has designed an application which suites the document archival, case management and workflows.

Intake WorkHub is a comprehensive document archival and process management software
application designed to secure, manage and preserve enterprise documents, records, images, email, media and any other paper or electronic content. InTake is built on the IBM FileNet platform

With Intake WorkHub you will have an easy to use, robust and unified application for all your archival and workflow needs. You can seamlessly connect valuable information with your business processes and empower your knowledge workers with the right information, on demand. With smart archival in place your enterprise content will be structured, managed and can be readily accessed by knowledge workers so that they can better respond to business needs and make faster decisions. You will also manage and secure all enterprise content based on your compliance mandates. It offers a rich, highly intuitive and easy to use interface that makes content and process management easy to adopt—zero coding and minimal user training— and scale for enterprise-wide use. It can be accessed via internet browser, requires no desktop installations, and works with leading systems such as FileNet. The smart web 2.0 user frontend offers greater usability and flexibility in creating and deploying business solutions at a rapid pace.


General Features

  • Easy to use, rich layout and navigation with tree-views, context menus and grids for superior user experience
  • Allows users without archival or workflow experience to use with minimal training
  • Intuitive display grids with features to edit inline, freeze columns, sort by multiple columns,
  • Group-by-value, expand rows, filter, export and much more.
  • Easily browse multiple documents via the tab displays
  • Offers a consistent look/feel even when using different ECM systems
  • Secure access to information and functions based on user permissions
  • Configuration driven set-ups, zero coding
  • Administration modules to design security policies and search templates
  • Integrated windows authentication option for single, automatic sign on to the application, with no separate login required
  • Real-time discussions with complete audit trails
  • Notifications on discussions and document activities


Document Archival Features

  • Bookmarks and shortcuts for faster document ac
  • Favorites for documents and folders for quick reference
  • Easy drag and drop options from desktop or Windows explorer
  • Comprehensive version control, check-in/check-out and audit features
  • Predefined entry templates for standardized document indexing
  • Configurable search templates for easy document retrieval
  • Web scanning of paper documents directly to folders
  • Image viewing features such as zoom, rotate and rearrange
  • Readily export items from grid display to Excel format
  • Clipboard options to copy/move document across folders
  • E-mail documents directly as links via any default email application
  • Multi-document actions for quick processing
  • Document workflows with inbuilt trackers
  • Notifications
  • Out of the box reports to track usage patterns


Intake WorkHub accelerates your project outcomes by offering these key benefits:

  • Enables faster and wider user acceptance
  • Configuration driven and quick to deploy
  • Single front-end for key ECM and Workflow features
  • Offers productivity and efficiency benefits for users
  • Minimal IT staff burden with options to self-manage application