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It is an end-to-end solution for launching prepaid programs. As the world moves towards a cashless society, Tappayoka Prepaid can facilitate a safe and quick alternative to cash payments. Tappayoka platform speeds up transaction time and improves customer service by reducing queues and waiting times at the point of sale. Tappayoka Prepaid is a convenient and secure way of payment and enables merchants to tap into new consumer segments and boost revenues.

Mobile phones are taking on an active role in the daily lives of every consumer in today's world. Consumers are using mobile phones as a wallet to access entertainment, pay bills, reserve tickets, send money or redeem vouchers. Tappayoka Platform provides customers a convenient mobile application to access all of the above.


Use Cases

  • Some of the use cases for Tappayoka Prepaid
  • Corporations -- Meal Card, Gift Card
  • Schools, Universities -- Canteen Card
  • Hospitals -- Health Insurance Card
  • Shopping malls, Restaurants -- Gift Card, Store Credit
  • Transport -- Metro Card
  • Sporting and Cultural Events -- Food Coupons


Salient Features

  • Configurable limits on transaction amount and frequency.
  • Configurable limits on prepaid value. Ex: Can limit the prepaid value to be not more than 5000.
  • Hot listing of the card -- Self and via admin.
  • Portals for merchants, subscribers and distributors
  • Analytic for merchants on customer spending.