Zessta Smart poster

solution helps brands and content owners to reach consumers with more relevant and interactive information by inviting them to Tap their phones on an NFC tag embedded in Poster or Scan the QR Code printed on the Poster. This distribution of content to mobile phones enables new communication channels with mobile phone users that go beyond any traditional or digital media which will in turn helps the retailers in improving customer acquisition, consumption with and reinforcing the brand awareness building a good relationship with its customers and will ultimately drive sales leads.



  • Dynamically configurable posters - Configure your poster online
  • Create and Manage QR Code and NFC Tag Campaigns
  • Generate unique and individual QR codes
  • Read NFC tags and scans QR bar codes by millions of handset mobile devices worldwide
  • Track campaign analytics to gain insight on which media and tactics work best for you in real time
  • Specific market advertisement, targeting customers worldwide.