Cloud is the way to achieve dexterity, seamless scalability, and effectiveness in business operations of any enterprise. This is also the best way to withstand and stay ahead in this highly competitive business world driven by micro and macro-economic pressures.

As such our customers have begun to realize the potential of Cloud in enhancing their business efficiency, cost effectiveness and to get the maximum ROI.



We at HyperThink Systems engage very closely with our customers to monitor their business needs and suggest the world class and best Cloud Computing Services. Our Cloud computing solutions and services cover the entire software business cycle starting from assessment, migration, implementation and integration methodologies. We make sure that our Cloud Services our delivered in the most robust and secured environment.


SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE (SAAS) : It is one of the software deployment models of Cloud Computing, in which a provider licenses an application to the customers for use as a service on demand. All the software vendors using SaaS may host all the applications on their own web servers or they may hire IaaS and/or PaaS from other vendors. SaaS vendors provide common business applications online that are accessed from a web browser, while the software and data are stored in the cloud.

PLATFORM AS A SERVICE (PAAS) : PaaS can be defined as an externally hosted service that provides a complete platform to create, run, and operate applications. It includes all the development tools, admin &management tools, run-times, data management engines, security facilities, and user management services; and based on internet protocols and patterns.It provides an application framework which acts as a service layer upon which software applications can be securely and reliably built.

INFRASTRUCTURE AS A SERVICE (IAAS) : is a cloud computing model which consists of an operating system, a programming language, an executable platform, a database and a web server. In this model all the application developers can run their software solutions on a cloud platform without cost, complexity of buying and managing both the software and hardware equipment.