Our expertise in the design and development of equipment and related accessories for upstream, midstream & downstream applications helps our customers to overcome capacity constraints, improve quality of supply, enhance productivity, increase product revenue generation life, reduce cost of product development and enhance sustenance engineering.


With SAP for Oil & Gas allows you to be globally integrated while remaining regionally focused to forge stronger relationships with partners, improve decision making, and enhance organizational flexibility. And you can do it all regardless of your company’s size.


SAP solutions support these core business processes – and many others – of the oil and gas industry :

-Operational risk management

-Integrated sourcing and procurement

-Enterprise performance management

-Optimized asset operations management

-Efficient HR operations


SAP can help you :

-Sense and respond quickly to price fluctuations and other market changes

-Automate key business processes across the load-to-bill cycle, including fuel-volume reconciliation and data collection from both terminals and trucks

-Determine the most cost-effective and timely delivery routes

-Assign deliveries to specific trucks and other transportation units

-Assess demand in near real time and make sure you have the inventory to match it

-Respond to unexpected situations with alerts to gaps in replenishment, changes in demand or pricing, and other deviations from the forecast


SAP Business One can meet the unique and fast-changing needs of small businesses in the retail, wholesale distribution, discrete manufacturing, and professional services industries.

Core operations :

-Customer relationship management

-Inventory and distribution

-Ordering and delivery

-Purchasing and merchandising

-Production and manufacturing


Whether your business is exploration, production, oil refining, gas processing, petrochemicals or support services to the Oil and Gas Industry, Our     e-Learning products and services can help you to enhance your workforce competence in many areas including health, safety, environmental and technical subjects.

We are able to achieve this due to our in-depth knowledge of the Oil and Gas Industry, learning and development techniques, compliance and standards, safety imperatives and the day-to-day technical challenges that effect hydrocarbon production and oil and gas processing. We are covering a broad range of disciplines, with a diverse range of backgrounds.

Specific Disciplines Include :

-Instructional Designers

-Ex-Industry Offshore Installation Managers

-Ex-Industry Safety and Process Experts

-Engineering Professionals

-Multi-Media Developers

-Creative Specialists

-3D Modelers

-Project Managers

-Account Managers

-IT Specialists

-QA Personnel

-Trainers, Consultants, Mentors and Facilitators

-Management and Administration Personnel

CAD & CAM Services

Benefits to the composites industry include :

-Fast and accurate division of the initial CAD design into manufacturing pieces.

-Design of lay-up tooling complete with complex split faces.

-Automated ‘wizards’ for unwrapping complex 3D geometry into flat patterns for lay-up.

-Automated wrapping techniques for applying textures, labels and logos.

-Powerful 2 to 5 axis machining methods for accurate tooling manufacture.

-Integrated drafting for complete tool development

We have developed a broad range of solutions proven to meet the unique and evolving needs of the oil & gas industry. We can enhance the performance of your business with offerings in :

-Integrated Operations Strategy

-Supply Chain Effectiveness

-Business Intelligence

-Business Transformation

-IT Strategy and SAP Architecture