Testing Services

We provide high end software testing and test automation services to enhance productivity, reduce costs, reduce time to market and increase delivery confidence. We have a dedicated Testing Services business unit, which focuses on independent Verification & Validation projects. This unit has developed robust and repeatable processes to ensure that Our Verification and Validation services are of consistent high quality. Our solutions are tailored to meet client specific needs and are focused on delivering results that provide true business value. We provide testing services to cater to various segments in the Technology and Enterprise segment. These include Retail, Manufacturing, Distribution, Government, and Software Products/Applications, leveraging on our strength in software services.

Our Testing Services


Testing partner with various companies across the globe

-An excellent team of competent & certified testing professionals

-70% of business coming from repeat clients

-World class infrastructure, people, models and processes

-Proven expertise in load / performance / security testing of web applications and functional test automation

We provide a wide range of testing services that help organizations achieve predictable and improved software quality levels. We work with clients globally as their extended offshore testing team where we leverage our testing expertise and adaptable processes which ensure that we identify defects as early as possible. Our end-to-end black box and white box testing services can complement all your current and future needs in software testing and quality assurance.

Our Testing Process


During the test planning phase, the Test Program Manager and/or the Test Manager will produce a “Master Test Plan” (for the overall test program or test project) and, if required, test plans for each sub-project, stage of testing etc., according to the size and requirements of the project. The master test plan and test plans will define what will be tested and why.


During the test analysis and design phase, the Senior Test Analysts, Test Analysts and Test Team Leader work together to define how the process or system under test will be tested and produce a test specification and test design. In addition, they will start to define the data they require in the data store and the environments they will need to perform the specified testing. As test analysis and test design progresses, an initial test schedule will be created to define when the process or system under test will be tested.


During the test build phase, the Senior Test Analysts, Test Analysts and Test Team Leaders work together to build the test scripts, obtain or create the test data (and populate the data store) and build or have built the test environments required to execute the specified testing. In addition, as test build progresses, the test schedule will be refined to define when the scripts, to validate and verify the process or system under test, will be executed.


During the test execute and record phase the Testers (test executors) will be given work packages (groups of test scripts previously defined and built by the Test Analysts) to execute according to the test schedule. During the execution of the work packages, the Testers will record any defects using a suitable defect management process and defect logging tool, and produce a test execution record which will summarize whether the test scripts in question have passed or failed and summarize any defects found.