ESG Consultancy

In today’s business landscape, there is a growing demand for companies to prioritize sustainability goals and improve transparency regarding the metrics they use to track progress. This pressure stems from various stakeholders, including employees, customers, and investors. To address this, emerging frameworks such as environmental, social, and governance (ESG) provide valuable mechanisms to expedite progress. By implementing ESG programs, companies not only fulfill their ethical responsibilities but also gain notable competitive advantages. In this collection of unique articles and interviews with experts in corporate sustainability, we demonstrate how companies can thrive by embracing ESG initiatives and making a positive impact.

Services offered

  1. ESG screening: Evaluating companies based on environmental, social, and governance factors.
  2. SDG alignment: Ensuring that company goals and activities align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  3. Target setting and KPIs reporting: Establishing specific objectives and metrics to measure progress and reporting on them.
  4. Risk identification: Identifying and assessing potential risks and vulnerabilities.
  5. Guidance and actionable expert recommendations: Receiving advice and practical recommendations from experts to facilitate decision-making and implementation.