HyperThink Systems understands your business needs. We work with retail companies all over the world helping them solve these business problems, while working within the unique constraints of their business. HyperThink Systems Enterprise adapts and integrates within existing business processes and systems so that the solution works for you and the way that you do business. We help you create a differentiated service, while reducing your training and administrative overhead. We bring expertise and best practices from working with our customers, ensuring that you get a solution that grows with your business and delivers results.

The Software Also Enables You To :


WEB-BASED, ONLINE AND OFFLINE SYSTEM : Our product can be set up as an online retail system on the Internet across all your retail stores, warehouses, offices, branches etc. Real-time enterprise-wide consolidation, instant information and analysis can be conducted online.

ENTERPRISE AUTOMATION : With us, you can automate not only your POS and Retail operations, but also your Accounting & Inventory, Fixed Assets, Sales & Distribution and Dealership.

BILLING AND COLLECTION : We allow billing with just a few keystrokes, with or without a mouse and can take any load of billing effortlessly. The screen itself is customizable to suit varied requirements.

BILL DESIGN : You may design your own templates for printing of bills. These may include contents, layouts, logos, pictures, text borders, lines, boxes and variables.

BILL PRINTING : Bills can be printed on all kinds of paper – plain or per-printed, cut or rolls. On laser, deskjet, dot matrix, thermal and other printers.

BAR CODES : We work with any standard barcode scanner. You may, however, also bill without bar codes.

INVENTORY MANAGEMENT : We offer the most complete inventory management in its class. It covers infinite number of products with detailed master information, grouped and classified in tree form, based on product attributes.