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Innovation Labs help companies to innovate systematically, at an accelerated pace, and less risk. HyperThink System collaborate with the company’s teams closely throughout the innovation process cycle – from problem ideation, curation, use case development, customer validation and proof of concept build out, launch, and reiteration. Though proven methodologies like Design Thinking, Lean Methodology, Systematic Inventive Thinking, tools, train on our technology platforms and domain experts, eLabs accelerates company’s to develop high value, high-impact innovations, and new business models.

HyperThink System will provide physical IoT environments in especially extreme, diversified and challenging contexts:

  • Test your sensors in demanding environments
  • Get access to a cloud sensor platform with services
  • Get access to a platform with customizable mobile application possibilities
  • Researches interested in experimentation on the IoT testbed

We have experience with testing sensors in diverse environments like:

-One of the most IT mature societies in USA & India.
-Integrated testing collaborations with diverse usage and multidisciplinary cooperation with partners such as municipalities, energy companies, citizens, OEMS, TELCOS, researchers, SMEs etc.
-High above (e.g. bridges) and deep below (e.g. mines, wells).
-Various temperatures: +30C to -30C and four very distinct seasons.
-Possibilities for cooperation with existing smart energy testbeds, e.g. public buildings, campus areas, homes, smart grids.

Our IOT Platform:

IOT Innovation Lab is a system that provides a secure, stable and simple cloud service to be used as a backend system for many different types of sensor network applications. The main purpose with this platform is to provide a tool for people, companies and organizations to design, prototype and implement secure and efficient sensor network applications without the need to invest initial time and money into the development of a complex backend system.