KNect365’s IOTW- Hyperthings at Internet of Things World 2017 – Santa Clara

Santa Clara May 2017

Celebrating its latest milestone as a digital leader, the International Emerging Technology Company of Oman (ETCO) is pleased to announce the launch of its Internet of Things (IoT) platform ‘Beyond’ – powered by HyperThings in Oman. With strong collaboration with DataMount and Hyperthink Systems, The new platform ‘Beyond’ aims to meet the increased demand for integrated services in Technology and Operations helping large and small corporations, as well as government organizations, in achieving their journey toward digital transformation. Beyond IoT platform enables customers and industries to develop applications easily and integrate connected devices by utilizing efficient data collection platforms and advanced analysis engines and data into one platform. The platform has strong capabilities in areas like device and connectivity management providing connectivity from multiple devices and protocols, Applications development framework for easy development of applications by customers, and an industry-leading AI engine to analyse data from sensors and devices in real-time as build AI dashboards and applications for enterprise use.